Indian Jaguar upgrade


The Jaguar, which first flew in 1968, was designed for operation by the Royal Air Force and France and first entered service in 1973.

It was also flown by Oman, Nigeria, and Ecuador. France operated 200 Jaguars until 2005.

India’s Hindustan Aeronautics also built the Jaguar and 60 of the surviving fleet are currently in the midst of an upgrade program named Darin III.

The work, being carried out by Hindustan Aeronautics, will extend to life of the aircraft out until 2050. It include fitting Honeywell F124N engines, ELTA ELM 2050 AESA radar, new weapons capability, improved avionics and some structural work.

Twelve of the upgrade aircraft are dedicated for maritime strike missions and the remaining 48 are used for land strike. The aircraft are part of the country’s nuclear strike capability.

The Jaguars on offer are stored at Châteaudunair force base about 110kms southwest of Paris.

Indian reports say the aircraft on offer are cocooned but an APAR correspondent, who visited the base last year, said he only saw unprotected examples stored outside and unprotected in various stages of completeness.

Châteaudunis used primarily for French Air Force aircraft storage, scrapping and the disposal of its aircraft.