Australian made GA 10 Certified


The Australian designed and built Mahindra Aerospace GA10 has received it Australian and US certification.

The aircraft Australian certificate of airworthiness was handed over to the Gipps Aero branch of India’s Mahindra Aerospace at its Morewell, Victoria factory on Tuesday 15 August.

The Civil Aviation Safety Stakeholder Engagement Manager Rob Walker (left) presented the certificate to Gipps Aero’s chief executive Keith Douglas.

Two prototype GA10sa ten-seat development of the piston engine eight-seat GA8 Airvan, logged about 500 hours in the certification program.

It is fitted with a Rolls-Royce 250 B-17 turboprop of 450shp.

Work on the first production GA10 is now underway and work will soon start on developing a floatplane variant.

The piston engine GA8 has sold well in the US particularly to state police department air wings and bush operators in Alaska.

The company is now putting the finishing touches to its 246th GA8 Airvan.

It employs 150 staff at the Morewell facility.

The company is now owned fully owned by Mahindra Aerospace, a subsidiary of the giant Mahindra and Mahindra, the giant Indian conglomerate.

It is now reviewing market prospects for the GA18 Nomad, a major rework of the Australian Government Aircraft Factory N24.

Gipps says the aircraft has the advantage of twin engine while carrying more payload than the Cessna C208 Caravan and burning less fuel. It will be fitted for 18-passengers.